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project : : Small house in Nakano : : Tokyo, Japan : : 2015~2016 : : 87m² (constr) : : 55m² (site) : : 
program : : Private residence : :
credits : : Javier Villar Ruiz / otherPROJECTS / HaCo (LEAD) (AOR) : : Rhythm Design (STR) : Kobayashi Constr (CONS) 
synopsis : :This is house is in a typical Tokyo plot… small, trapped among other small plots, with no owned open space to open or look into. This design through tries to make the best out of the plot's context by biting one void on each of the floors. On the top floor, already higher that the neighbors roof, the bite allows the house to look leftwards towards a nearby shrine park. On the middle floor, a bite creates a balcony that opens towards the open space left by the righside neighbors access path. The ground floor's bite creates a protected the access porch where the small office space located there can open to : : 

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