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project : : Dune House in Ocho al Cubo's village : : Los Vilos, Chile : : 2012~ : : 280m² (constr) : : 
program : : Experimental residence : : 
credits : :  Javier Villar Ruiz Partner in Charge at KKAA (LEAD) : : 57Studio (AOR) : : 
synopsis : :Taking advantage of the unusual freedom that we were given in this particular project, we wanted to reduce the expression of this house to the minimum necessary elements: a house that would find its place occupying an existing dune with the sole action of covering it with a roof. The roof is composed by three overlapping layers of wooden rafters, appearing as a homogeneous pattern with no particular hierarchy. It is placed as low as possible, following the natural slope of the dune reducing its presence from the road and the access path. Besides the roof and its supporting structure, all the rest lays in the ground. The existing dune and its own contour geometry define the position of the different spaces of the house: where to sleep, eat, rest, bath etc. Each activity naturally finds its proper place within the dune; everything can happen anywhere; it is the relationship between our body and the ground that creates the experience of being in this house : : 

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