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project : : House in Chiva : : Chiva, Spain : : 2012~ : : 200m² (constr) : : 2,200m² (site) : : 
program : : Private residence : : 
credits : : avier Villar Ruiz Partner in Charge at KKAA (LEAD) : : Made (AOR) : :  Ono Japan (STR) : : Arc3 design (LIG) : : 
synopsis : :This house is loctated right in the middle of two olive tree fields, 3m high apart. That is why despite the house is conceived as a traditional patio house in plan, it is stepped in section, adapting itself to the two fields' height difference. The result of this operation is a house that is present on both fields, connecting them as a hinge; And its roof, that surrounds the patio, due to this stepped nature of the house, becomes one continuous spiral surface that serves as a ramp, a roof and a porch all at once : : 

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