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project : : Tamaide Social Housing Complex : : Tenerife, Spain : : 2010~ : : 12,000m² (constr) : :
program : : Social housing residences, Public spaces : : 
credits : :  Javier Villar Ruiz Partner in Charge at KKAA (LEAD) : : AH Arch (AOR) : : 
synopsis : :This residential complex was part of a new vast social housing neighborhood that had extreme budget restrictions as especific as limiting the choice of materials, common to private areas ratios, given maximum sizes of prefabricated windows and so on. The design we developed aimed to hack all those restructions to give to the residences an extra quality in terms of living experience and arhcitetcura presence. Apartment plans were laid out diagonally to increase the sense of depth and size of the main living spaces; the facades where conceived with alternated surface setbacks so as to obtain a certain vibration despite the only possible choice of mortar based finishes and so as to distract the presence of the required low quality openings : : 

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