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project : : Botanika Speakeasy Temporary Bar : : Tokyo, Japan : : 2019: : 65m² (constr) : : 

program : : Temporary mixology bar : : 

credits : : Javier Villar Ruiz coPrincipal at HaCo (LEAD) (LIG) (AOR) : : Fujii (CONS)

synopsis : : Only 3 months was the life-span of time for this small mixology speakeasy. Due to the temporary nature of this project, the whole space was left as it was; a nearly pitch-dark lighting hid the existing elements of this old bad-looking restaurant. The very limited budget for this, was focused on creating a subtle linear lighting that would describe the perimeter of the space, without revealing it. This linear lighting was used as well to display a collection of dry flowers and herbs, the only element to create the mood for this space with a clear reference to the botanical approach of the cocktails there to be enjoyed : : 

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