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project : : Haeundae Marina Complex : : Busan, South Korea : : 2014~ : : 21.200m² (constr) : : 141,150m² (site) : :
program : : Marina Master Plan, Public Spaces, Yatch Club, Hotel, Commercial Complex, Art Gallery : : 
credits : : Javier Villar Ruiz Partner in Charge at KKAA (LEAD) : : Nta (INT) : : 
synopsis : :Being this site already a port facility and not to erase its identity and history, this almost 1km long architecture proposal is conceived following the rationality and functionalism of waterfront facilities, reproposing as well in a very exciting and contemporary way the use of materials often limited to such industrial structures. This is to make sure that this port identity is communicated as the core of the new marina's unique attractiveness, differentiating itself from other banal commercial and leisure alternatives quickly appearing throughout Busan. This project also understands that has very clearly different facades: from the city, from the seaside, from the adjacent iPark Marina Complex, and from above, since being surrounded by tall buildings. Therefore, the roof appearance is as important, if not more, than the rest of facades. The colorful gable roofs of these proposed structures refer to the simplicity of waterfront facilities, creating a very recognizable profile that will surely become part of the Busan urban landscape. : : 

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