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project : : Paper Shadow Resting Pavilion : : Anyang, Seoul, S.Korea : : 2005 : : 46m² (constr) : : 

program : : Public art project pavilion : : 

credits : : Javier Villar Ruiz Partner in Charge at KKAA (LEAD) : : Ejiri Eng. (STR) : : 

synopsis : : So as to obtain a structural material as light and transparent as possible we developed, together with our engineer, a 47mm thick ‘sandwich panel’ composed by a Paper Honeycomb core glued and pressed between two sheets of FRP sheets. The porosity of these structural surfaces lets the natural light and shadows pass through. The pavilion becomes a sensitive receiver of the surrounding nature responding to its weather changing conditions. It is an architecture that belongs now to the site : : 

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