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project : : Gangnam Residences : : Seoul, South Korea : : 2020~ : : 15,400m² (constr) : : 2.772m² (site) : :
program : : Apartments and studios (x141), Event hall facilities, Private sport club, Swimmingpool, Underground parking : : 
credits : : Javier Villar Ruiz / otherPROJECTS (LEAD) : : Nta (INT) : :
synopsis : : The design developed for this complex narrow property rejected the idea to just follow a multitude regulations in place that would define a random senseless volumetry if trying to obtain the maximum allowed area, and instead come up with such area requirements through big efforts to obatin a properly composed architeture, with an intentionate expression free of legal struggles. The vertical louvers wrapping the facades present different finishes on each orientation so that the building would have a different pressence when observed from the nearby crossing, one of the busiests in Seoul, or from the smaller alleys on the other side : : 

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