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project : : R. Boulevard Masterplan : : Tel Aviv, Israel : : 2020~2020 : : 7,800m² (site) : : 

program : : Masterplan, Plazas and public alleys, Office & Residence towers, underground Parking acesses : : 

credits : : Javier Villar Ruiz  (LEAD) : : EMF (LAND) : : 

synopsis : : This was a competition proposal for a Masterplan to renew a central area of Tel Aviv, until now occupied by small scale buildins and alleys, but now soon to be overtaken by three new commercial and residential towers. The idea of the proposal was, despite the imminent impact of the presence of these three new towers, to attempt keeping the small scale of that part of the city at least on the ground level in order not to loose the qualities and charm of that human scale : : 

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