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project : : Mukkat Museum of Indigenous Knowledge : : Manila, Philippines : : 2014~ : : 10.500m² (constr) : : 4.000m² (site) : : 
program : : Museum, Restaurant, Lecture hall, Workshop facilities, Public space and gardens : : 
credits : : Javier Villar Ruiz Partner in Charge at KKAA (MUS) (LEAD) : : Marian Pastor Roces / Tao Inc. (CUR) : : WVC (AOR) : : Structure Env. (STR) : : PT Morimura (MEP) : : Modulex (LIG) : : Greenwise (LAN) : : 
synopsis : :This museum in the heart of Manila will host artifacts of art, crafts and religious practices from the indigenous cultures of the Philippines still existing in remote regions. Their artifacts that bear witness of the way they live, they experience the world and their believes, cannot be understood without the context and environments where these cultures developed throughout the centuries. Thus we abandoned the conventional idea of the museum as a container where aliened content is simply displayed, and develop the concept of the museum as a context where content can be not only observed but also experienced and understood. This lead us to articulate a museum around a big open-air void that, as a landscaping-collage, gathers replica portions of such environments: valleys, jungles, streams, the shelter of caves… this idea of composing architecture from a series of fake elements in order to orchestrate a new whole scenography is for us a very exciting way to rethinks how a museum can be : : 

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