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project : : Endo Rooftop Restaurant : : London, United Kingdom : : 2018~2019 : : 130m² + ext 50m2 (constr) : :

program : : Restaurant and rooftop terrace : : 

credits : : Javier Villar Ruiz Partner in Charge at KKAA (LEAD) : : LightIQ (LIG) : : D. Park (ART) : : Milk Arch & Design (AOR) : : Bridport (CONS)

synopsis : : The restaurant space is left open and it’s the hinoki cedar counter alone that, as a calligrapher’s brush stroke, confidently organizes the whole space. By bringing back and forth the limit between the chefs’ and the customers’ areas, the counter reveals this intense relationship that makes the intimate experience that sushi dining is. While the hinoki cedar, with its precious materiality, brings the soft touch and gentle fragrance of the traditional sushi experience; the extraordinary length and dynamic geometry of the counter stand for the contemporary attitude of this space. The unusual height of the space brought the opportunity to occupy it with a cloud-like feature levitating above our heads, hiding al lighting elements; somewhat that cannot be touched but that gives us shelter : : photos by P. Kociha : :

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