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project : : Rediscovering Lacquer exhibition : : Tokyo/Portland : : 2011/2014 : : 225m² (constr) : : 

program : : Exhibition space and display design : : 

credits : : Javier Villar Ruiz coPrincipal at HaCo  (LEAD) (LIG) : : Duni Park (CUR) : : 

synopsis : : For the fantastic selection of objects which are the main content and the focus of this exhibition, the space has been conceived as simple as possible, avoiding the heavy and distracting presence of conventional exhibition pedestals. Instead, we wanted the exhibition items to be comfortably admired by the viewers in a way that they still appear gently posed on the floor, resting, as being part of a landscape. Being this a temporary space and with the will to avoid unnecessary material waste, the plywood panels were used by simply stacking them, with no modification whatsoever, as if they were still resting in the wood storage where they came from and where they will return : : 

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