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project : : Makati Tower : : Manila, Philippines : : 2019~ : : 61,200m² (constr) : : 2,200m² (site) : : 
program : : Offices, Congress event halls, Commercial, Public spaces, Underground parking : : 
credits : : Javier Villar Ruiz / otherPROJECTS (LEAD) : :
synopsis : : This tower, in one of the main crossings within Makati business district, does not only host a complex program of offices, congress & event spaces, retail, restaurants etc. but also deals with an intricate series of connections: with the existing adjacent museum, a research campus on its back, new and existing parking facilities. A sunken plaza solves this complexity of connections, increasing as well the "ground level" frontage, scarse in such narrow site. While organising the complex program, the volumetry is fractioned and shifted to create, shelter and express the location of the main public spaces, protagonist for this project: the street level "tower access porch", the upper "tower lobby terrace" right above the adjacent existing parking volume and the congress center "panoramic terrace & lobby" at the higher levels of the tower : : 

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