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project : : Country House in Khao Yai National Park : : Khao Yai, Thailand : : 2016~ : : 850m² (constr) : :
program : : Private residence and guest rooms : :
credits : : Javier Villar Ruiz / otherPROJECTS / HaCo (LEAD) : : 
synopsis : : This land, part of a wondeful national park, had two existing artificial ponds, almost lakes in size, 10m apart from each other and with a height difference of 3m. The house, generous in size, takes a narrow and exageratedly long shape in order to place itself in between those two ponds. The front of the house faces the lower pond while the back side, that appears as an open mezanine, faces the higher pond. The house becomes indeed a connector of both ponds, and not a wall divinding them, bringing into the architetcure this unusual landscape experience : :

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