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project : : Adeam GinzaSix Store : : Tokyo, Japan : : 2017~2018 : : 120m² (constr) : :

program : : Fashion retail : : 

credits : : Javier Villar Ruiz coPrincipal at HaCo (LEAD) (AOR) : : Viabizzuno (LIG) : : Tansei (CONS) : :

synopsis : : This fashion brand shop is located inside a new department store in Tokyo's Ginza district. The design, by using a permeable steel mesh, defies the department store's rules requiring retailers to be open to the common circulation space, so this brand's shop can have its own presence, with its own dedicated space. The steel mesh clearly defines the limits of the shop while its transparency subtly reveals its interior provoking a sense of curiosity.  Its zig-zagged geometry creates a series of pockets : outwards where mannequins are displayed, and inwards where furniture is positioned as small seating lounges : : photos by K. Tanaka : :

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