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project : : Nicoichi chopsticks collection : : Bo Project, Japan : : 2014 : :

program : : New concept for lacquered chopsticks : :

credits : : Javier Villar Ruiz & Duni Park / Office for Creative Affairs (OCA)  : : Origata (WRAP) : : 

synopsis : : A new collection around the idea of conceiving a pair of chopsticks as a whole, inseparable; and not as two idential but separated objects, as it has always been. The chopsticks greet you at the table as one simple item that later splits in two for use. A new color palette of colors, never used before in the lacquer world, was created and organised in pairs : one color for when the chopsticks appear as one, and another paired color that only appears once they split : :  photos by  Bo Project : : link to : : 

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