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project : : Stone Cave House : : Seoul, South Korea : : 2010~ : : 120m² (constr) : :
program : : Private residence : : 
credits : :  Javier Villar Ruiz Partner in Charge at KKAA (LEAD) (INT) : : Ejiri Eng. (STR) : : 
synopsis : :The site is a family owned mourning garden where traditional stone mounts mark the place where ancester are buried. The house is located in the middle of this garden land with the purpose of hosting family members for short stays. It seemed unapropiate to bring into this simbolic landscape an architecture structure that would resemble a holiday house. Therefore we envisioned a structure that had more to do with the lanscape where it would be built onto than with the domestic use it was requested for this project. The roof is shaped in a topographic way, trying to re-configure the hill that was previously shaved in order to create a flat land to build the house onto, as if the house wanted to contradict that premature decission : :

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